Flatland Cavalry: Lubbock's Next Big Act


Mar 31, 2017 / Hannah Rucker

If you're a Texas Tech student and a  fan of red dirt music, you are bound to have heard of Flatland Cavalry. As Lubbock's hot and happening country group, it was three years back when destiny brought them together like pieces to a puzzle.

They played their first show at the depot district in 2014 at the Blue Light and a little over ten people showed up. Now, the group has thousands of loyal fans across the nation, selling out shows across the state with folks who can't get enough of their sound.

Drummer, Jason Albers said he and the lead singer Cleto Cordero grew up in Midland together and they were the starting link of the band.

"When I got to a set of drums, and well we just started jamming in high school at a coffee shops, moved up to Lubbock and met all of these scoundrels," Albers said.

Every Monday the two would go to songwriter's night at Blue Light. They also would attend parties thrown by other members of the Texas Tech music community, and the band slowly came together with each member.

"I kept praying that I would find the right people at the right time," Cordero said. "We found the band by fate, it was really cool"

Fiddler Laura Jane said the band helped revive her internal song, and that she was struggling to enjoy her time in Lubbock before meeting the guys.

"I honestly started feeling alive, and who knew? In this desolate wasteland that I would start playing and get more creative and meet this crazy group of guys that I call my family." Jane said.

Although the band keeps a tight schedule with shows, bassist Johnathan Saenz said they always love playing in Lubbock and especially the Blue Light where it all began.

"The Blue Light had such an influence on us, and they have had our back and everyone in Lubbock wants us to be great," Saenz said.

The band will play in Lubbock next at Blue Light's street festival on April 22nd.